The X Commandments
House rules - living together in a HackerHouse means respecting rights and obligations.
Read these "X Commandments" Terms of Service carefully as they contain important information about your rights and obligations. By confirming your reservation, you agree to be bound and comply with these Terms of Service.
A HackerHouse is a "coliving" community house where you have access to an office, a bed and services.
By accepting the Terms of Service you agree to contribute to the organization of the house such as housework, communication through Whatsapp and other activities. The present Terms of Service are effective immediately until the next update.
⚠️ Any transgression or breach of the following commandments will result in a warning. As soon as 3 warnings are cumulated by the same person, this person will be asked to leave within 7 days. ⚠️

I. 😇 Sociable & open-minded, you'll be

  • A good morning, a good evening will have to be pronounced for the atmosphere to be good.
  • Being polite and pleasant with everyone, no matter how close the affinities are, it will facilitate exchanges.
  • Learn to be tolerant because everyone is different and does not necessarily have the same lifestyle or interests as you.

II. 🎼 Repeated noise, you'll avoid

  • No noise and no guests after 10pm on weekdays.
  • Notify roommates in case of parties or situations that would result in noise nuisance
  • Any evening conquest will have to be announced on Whatsapp.

III. 💇 Clean & organized, you'll be

  • Don't leave your dirty dishes lying around in the sink, on the table, on the worktops, etc.
  • Cooking pots and utensils must be washed, dried by hand and put back in their place.
  • The kitchen must be kept clean after each use: worktop, oven, hob and sink.
  • Leave the bathroom clean after each use.
  • All hairs and hair on the floor, washbasin or shower should be picked up and thrown in the trash can
  • Take off your shoes at the entrance of each HackerHouse.
  • Do not eat or drink in the rooms and offices.
  • Clean the dust filter of the dryer before each use.
  • All lights in unused rooms should be turned off.
  • Any belongings left in the common rooms will be likely to be placed in the lost and found box and then thrown away within 1 month. The HackerHouse is not responsible in case of loss or theft.

IV. 🏡 The rent, you'll pay

  • Any delay in payment of more than 72 hours will result in an increase of 20%.
  • Any delay beyond 7 days will result in exclusion from the HackerHouse.
  • Any early departure must be communicated by email to [email protected] which will result in a 30-day notice period.
  • Any extension of stay must be communicated by email to [email protected] within 30 days

V. 🤓 the Internets, you'll master

  • Any hack using the internet connection of the HackerHouse will have to be done under VPN/Proxy.
  • Any server / miner or other elements that may affect the comfort of hackers (internet / electricity ...) are strictly prohibited unless exceptional agreement of your host.
  • The HackerHouse is not responsible for illegal downloads / streaming.

VI. 💉 Drugs or other illegal substances, you'll forget

  • Any person taken in possession of drugs or other illegal substances (joint, firecracker, marijuana included, ...) will be excluded permanently within 48 hours without possible refund.
  • The use of drugs or other illegal substances is strictly prohibited and will result in permanent exclusion within 48 hours without possible refund.

VII. 🍺 Tobacco and alcohol, you'll moderate

  • Beer and wine are tolerated alcohols.
  • Strong alcohols are tolerated at weekends and should be consumed in moderation. Any overflow linked to alcohol will lead to the destruction of the alcohols.
  • All tobacco must be rolled up and consumed outside the HackerHouse building.

VIII. ✨ To household chores, you'll participate

  • Take out the garbage cans when they are full with the kind help of your roommates.
  • Tidy for 10 minutes at 10pm every day of the week.
  • All waste must be subject to selective sorting :
    • Glass. Each bottle or other glass packaging must be emptied of all substances or foodstuffs before being thrown away. Empty your beer into the sink before putting it in the trash can.
    • Recyclable. These are clean materials that can be reused. Newsprint, plastics, PVC and metals can be recycled. Dirty materials containing food should be washed or put in the general garbage. Refer to the indications of the bins and if you are unsure, use the general bin.
    • General. Anything that does not belong to Glass & Recyclable

IX. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Roommate moments, you'll organize

  • Monthly dinners between roommates are recommended.
  • Sports activities or outings with your roommates you will organize

X. ❗️Disputes, you'll avoid

  • Any advance of expenses (common meal, shopping etc) must be reimbursed within 48 hours in cash
  • All disasters, damages caused will be at the expense of the person in charge who gives the right to the HackerHouse to deduct an amount up to 500€ to resolve the dispute.
  • In case of elimination at the council you will have to leave within 30 days. The sentence of the council is irrevocable.
  • Any theft is punishable by immediate expulsion from the HackerHouse.
  • Any disrespect or insults towards your roommates, HackerHouse staff is punishable by immediate expulsion.