HackerHouse Installation
Welcome to the HackerHouse. We've compiled this quick guide to help you be productive from your first day.

1. Self Check-in

As soon as your booking request was confirmed, you must have received the Whatsapp group link.
It's recommended that you show up in your whatsapp group and give at least 24 hours notice before your arrival so that the roommates can make arrangements on the day of your check-in.

2. Entry code: no key means freedom

The day before you move in, you will receive one or more confidential informations :
  • Building code/intercom (optional)
  • HackerHouse Code
HackerHouse access is restricted to residents only, sharing access codes to the outside is strongly not recommended. HackerHouse declines all responsibility in case of theft, loss or damage.
You can find this information from the whatsapp group via the HackerHouse application.

3. Installation: find your place!


When you arrive, ask for the chalk pen and write your name on :
  • the free kitchen cupboard
  • the fridge shelf
  • the vacant locker
  • the laundry tub

🛏 Bed

Ask for the available bed and check that it contains the following items :
  • 1 x mattress 90 x 200 cm
  • 1 x pillow
  • 1 x comforter
Check that the bedding has been changed. If not, you can put the bedding in the wash :
  • 1 x pillow cover
  • 1 x mattress cover
  • 1 x pillowcase
  • 1 x fitted sheet
  • 1 x comforter cover